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"That's it! Relationship's over!"
Erase 'em from your life, which in these days means to X them from your phone. But what's the fun in just erasing your X without rubbing it in their face a little?! Yes, there's an app for that.

Tell them how you really feel, get the last word, then send 'em packing. EraseUrX!


  • Create personalized email message
  • Send photo from your library or camera
  • Record your own voice message

Save and manage multiple messages, audio files, and photos for later use and/or review.

Some upcoming features for version 2 of EraseUrX include sending messages via Facebook and Twitter. Minor releases for any bug reports for version 1 will be done as needed.


What is the next generation in break-up apps? You tell us! Send comments, feedback or suggestions. Mail or Twitter.

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